Kartallar Door provides an equal approach to all customers, whether it is an individual order or a large order for mass production, and offers the production of interior doors of any type to order.

Hotel interior doors

In the modern world, in the conditions of high competition in the hotel business, hotels have to renew their interior decoration in order to stay competitive.

Doors play an important role in the hotel interior, so it is especially important that the style of the doors meets to the overall interior style of the hotel.

Kartallar Door offers high-quality doors at affordable prices, fast production of doors with a modern ready design for hotels of any size.

Office interior doors

A comfortable and functional workspace cannot be organized without high-quality interior doors. They provide the proper level of soundproofing and emphasize the business style of interior.

Kartallar Door offers a wide range of doors for offices and institutions: standard doors, sliding doors, office partitions of various heights, partitions with and without glass inserts, PVC office partitions, as well as MDF wall panels for decorating corridors and reception rooms.

For offices we recommend lacquered MDF doors, laminated MDF doors, melamine doors, panel doors, made in accordance with the interior style of your interior.

Doors for villas

In addition to mass production of doors Kartallar Doors company also manufactures doors for specific interior projects of villas, residences and homes. We produce doors of any style, be it modern, country, traditional or avantgarde. Specially designed doors will fit perfectly into the overall concept of your interior. The benefits of our doors are durability, aesthetics, and affordable price.

Doors for educational institution

Any educational institution, university, school, preschool needs interior doors. In such institutions doors perform not only the separation function, but also aesthetic. Moreover, the doors in educational institutions must be durable and designed for high flow of students and teachers. Our doors have good sound insulation that ensures that nothing will distract from the educational process. Our doors for educational institutions are of high quality and affordable prices.