Kartallar Door, established in 1975 in the province of Kastamonu, Turkey, as a small workshop for the production of custom made doors, has developed rapidly due to its high quality products and the ability to quickly respond to customer demands.

In 1997, in order to enter to the international market, the company had opened an office as a shipping point in Antalya, conducted domestic and foreign markets analysis and formed an own corporate structure.

By 2020, the company owns an open area of 7,000 m2, an indoor area of 5,000 m2 and a total production facility of 12,000 m2, automatic and semi-automatic equipment, modern CNC machines, as well as professional technical personnel. Through ongoing research and development, the Kartallar Door has become one of the leading companies in the door industry.

Kartallar Door’s production capacity is 500 door sets per day for a full shift. Due to the high quality of raw materials and production, the company has reached a high level of development and left its competitors behind, offering to the end consumer the best quality at the best price.

Production Line

Kartallar Door produces interior wooden doors, PVC doors, laminated and lacquered MDF doors, panel doors, door frames and Door Casing.


The company delivers products to end customers directly and without intermediaries and also takes advantage of cooperation with local companies that have good understanding of the economical conditions of their countries.

Projects and custom production

Kartallar Door provides an equal approach to all customers, whether it is an individual order or a large order for mass production, and offers the production of interior doors of any type to order.